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Shaanxi Longfu Biochemical Co.,Ltd.

Company Profile
1.10 years plant extract producer, have many Invention Patents
2.Pass ISO9001, Enviromental qualification, Safety certificate, Kosher
3.Produce follow GMP standard
4.Pure natural raw material
5.Europe standard: Pesticide residue, heavy metal, solvent residue
6.10,000 cleanliness plant
7.No radiation for kill microorganism
8.5 years experience of foreign trade on this region.

Contact Us
Company: Shaanxi Longfu Biochemical Co.,Ltd.
Contact: Mr. Alen Lindeson
Address: Room808,Block B,Digital Life,5th Keji Road,Hi-tech District
Postcode: 710065
Tel: 8602988452846
Fax: 8602988451468

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